Form Control

Form Control provides context such as `isInvalid`, `isDisabled`, and `isRequired` to form elements

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Chakra UI exports 4 components for Form Control:

  • FormControl: The wrapper that provides context and functionality for all children.
  • FormLabel: The label of a form section. The usage is similar to html label. htmlFor is set by default for children input.
  • FormHelperText: The message that tells users more details about the form section.
  • FormErrorMessage: The message that shows up when an error occurs.
import {
} from '@chakra-ui/react'


<FormLabel>Email address</FormLabel>
<Input type='email' />
<FormHelperText>We'll never share your email.</FormHelperText>

Sample usage for a radio or checkbox group#

<FormControl as='fieldset'>
<FormLabel as='legend'>Favorite Naruto Character</FormLabel>
<RadioGroup defaultValue='Itachi'>
<HStack spacing='24px'>
<Radio value='Sasuke'>Sasuke</Radio>
<Radio value='Nagato'>Nagato</Radio>
<Radio value='Itachi'>Itachi</Radio>
<Radio value='Sage of the six Paths'>Sage of the six Paths</Radio>
<FormHelperText>Select only if you're a fan.</FormHelperText>

Error message#

FormErrorMessage will only show up when the property isInvalid in FormControl is true.

function errorMessageExample() {
const [input, setInput] = useState('')
const handleInputChange = (e) => setInput(
const isError = input === ''
return (
<FormControl isInvalid={isError}>
<Input type='email' value={input} onChange={handleInputChange} />
{!isError ? (
Enter the email you'd like to receive the newsletter on.
) : (
<FormErrorMessage>Email is required.</FormErrorMessage>

Making a field required#

By passing the isRequired props, the Input field has aria-required set to true, and the FormLabel will show a red asterisk. This red asterisk can be overwritten by passing requiredIndicator to the FormLabel. If you want to indicate that a field is optional you can add optionalIndicator to the FormLabel

<FormControl isRequired>
<FormLabel>First name</FormLabel>
<Input placeholder='First name' />

Select Example#

<Select placeholder='Select country'>
<option>United Arab Emirates</option>

Number Input Example#

<NumberInput max={50} min={10}>
<NumberInputField />
<NumberIncrementStepper />
<NumberDecrementStepper />

Usage with Form Libraries#

Form Libraries like Formik make it so easy to manage form state and validation.

// The below import defines which components come from formik
// import { Field, Form, Formik } from 'formik';
function FormikExample() {
function validateName(value) {
let error
if (!value) {
error = 'Name is required'
} else if (value.toLowerCase() !== 'naruto') {
error = "Jeez! You're not a fan 😱"
return error
return (
initialValues={{ name: 'Sasuke' }}
onSubmit={(values, actions) => {
setTimeout(() => {
alert(JSON.stringify(values, null, 2))
}, 1000)
{(props) => (
<Field name='name' validate={validateName}>
{({ field, form }) => (
<FormControl isInvalid={ &&}>
<FormLabel>First name</FormLabel>
<Input {...field} placeholder='name' />

Improvements from v1#

  • We've improved the accessibility of the FormControl component. Here are the changes:

    • id passed to the form control will be passed to the form input directly.
    • FormLabel will have htmlFor that points to the id of the form input.
    • FormErrorMessage adds aria-describedby and aria-invalid pointing to the form input.
    • FormHelperText adds/extends aria-describedby pointing to the form input.
    • isDisabled, isRequired, isReadOnly props passed to FormControl will cascade across all related components.
  • FormLabel is now aware of the disabled, focused and error state of the form input. This helps you style the label accordingly using the _disabled, _focus, and _invalid style props.

  • If you render FormErrorMessage and isInvalid is false or undefined, FormErrorMessage won't be visible. The only way to make it visible is by passing isInvalid and setting it to true.

  • You can still supply an id prop to FormControl that will override the randomly generated id and attach to the for attribute of the label and the id of the form element. (It also affects the id attribute of the label)

  • The combination of htmlFor and id are optional in which adding both will also override the generated id sent to the provider.

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