Progress is used to display the progress status for a task that takes a long time or consists of several steps.

    SourceTheme source@chakra-ui/progress


import { Progress } from '@chakra-ui/react'


<Progress value={80} />

Progress with Stripe#

You can add hasStripe prop to any progress bar to apply a stripe via a CSS gradient over the progress bar’s background color.

<Progress hasStripe value={64} />

Progress sizes#

There are two ways you can increase the height of the progress bar:

  • You can add size prop to increase the height of the progress bar.
  • You can also use the height prop to manually set a height.
<Stack spacing={5}>
<Progress colorScheme='green' size='sm' value={20} />
<Progress colorScheme='green' size='md' value={20} />
<Progress colorScheme='green' size='lg' value={20} />
<Progress colorScheme='green' height='32px' value={20} />

Progress color scheme#

You can add colorScheme prop to any progress bar to apply any color that exists in the theme.

<Progress value={20} size='xs' colorScheme='pink' />

Animated Progress#

To show an animated progress, pass the isIndeterminate prop.

<Progress size='xs' isIndeterminate />


  • Progress has a role set to progressbar to denote that it is a progress.
  • Progress has aria-valuenow set to the percentage completion value passed to the component, to ensure the progress percent is visible to screen readers.
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