Visually Hidden

VisuallyHidden is a common technique used in web accessibility to hide content from the visual client, but keep it readable for screen readers.



Chakra UI exports 2 components for the VisuallyHidden.

VisuallyHidden: Visually hidden span component used to hide elements on screen. VisuallyHiddenInput: Visually hidden input component used for designing custom input components using the html input as a proxy

import { VisuallyHidden, VisuallyHiddenInput } from '@chakra-ui/react'


It is used to visually hide an element but to make it accessible for screen-readers. It renders html <span> as a proxy.

function Example() {
return (
<CheckIcon />

Here is another example:

function Example() {
return (
<Heading>Title and description</Heading>
<VisuallyHidden>This will be hidden</VisuallyHidden>

Visually hidden input#

It renders html <input> as a proxy.

function Example() {
return (
onChange={(event) => {


VisuallyHidden has all the styles necessary to hide it from visual clients, but keep it for screen readers.

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